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As of 1st April 2013, the business known as Harris Hart will be taken over by D.A. Chemicals Group.

D.A. Chemicals have 43 years experience in the industry and look forward to offering you the customer the same high levels of service and product that you have been used to with Harris Hart.

Any concerns or questions please contact Harris Hart (up to 1st April ) or ourselves on this email sales@taycrestchemicals.co.uk

DA Chemicals Group Limited

(Incorp. Taycrest Chemicals Ltd & Distripak Ltd)

Units D20 -D22

Double Row

Seaton Delaval Trading Estate



Tel. + 44 191 2374743

Fax. +44 191 2374768

Email sales@taycrestchemicals.co.uk

Food Grade product 100% nothing less is supplied by Harris Hart
you cannot get better**

Not a 'Technical ' grade as supplied by many others


Medical Conditions

Harris Hart want to make their position very clear regards healing or relieving of any illness. Epsom Salts has not been proven in any credible testing environment to cure or relive any symptoms of any illness what-so-ever. However many people over many years have claimed to feel better (some mildly some dramatically) after using Epsom Salts either once or on a number of occasions and we would never seek to say these users of Epsom Salts from Harris hart of any other source are wrong in what they feel and believe and if you feel better than we are happy for you as well.


Barry Young

Harris Hart Limited

January 2011


Carrots Beetroot

So with Harris Harts Epsom Salts You can safely:

Bath your Aches and Pains, Soak your Feet, Fertilise your plants and vegetables,

Drink to your Health***, Feed your Pets or your Livestock

£36 and a 25kg bag is couriered to your door*

Ask any other salts supplier:
  • What quality is the Epsom, Food Grade or lesser ‘Technical’ grade?
  • Can they supply a certificate of that quality with your order?
  • Is it suitable for all uses including human internal consumption?
  • What is the price per kilo and delivered to your door for Food Grade Quality Epsom?



Painfull Joints